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I'm Charmaine Radway, Travel Influencer & Consultant

Charmaine has a passion for traveling the world and showing people from humble beginnings, like herself, the world through her eyes. From flight deals to hilarious behind-the-scenes experiences, join her journey!

“I have been to over 30 countries now and counting. It’s unbelievable to wrap my head around how a country girl who was [so] determined to see the world [that] she wrote stories about [it], is actually doing just that, making her dreams an exciting reality,” Radway told The Sunday Gleaner.

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Since living in the United States, returning to her home has always been her favourite destination. Aside from that, she listed Turkey as the second dream spot. The food, warmth, and hospitality of the people and the diverse landscape all made the trip worthwhile, “The flights within Turkey are about US$30 each way, and an e-visa using my Jamaican passport was under US$100 – no need to stand in line at an embassy! Whew!” she said, with relief.

For her, a pleasant trip is one that is thoroughly planned, from entry requirements to general country rules. One mishap can bring forth lengthy delays and unexpected costs.

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