It’s always good to be able to get a warning or preview of travel experiences before booking a trip. Who wants to spend hard-earned money traveling somewhere only to find that they’ve gotten themselves into a horrible, unsafe, or unsavory experience that could’ve been avoided? And if you love to travel or are looking for your next vacay spot, you’ve probably come across lists detailing the best and worst countries for Black women via your IG Explore page or your YouTube suggestions.

Black women have been leading the charge in shifting the narrative on travel as of late, framing it as a great way to expand our horizonsfind a better quality of life, or reach extraordinary personal milestones. And with the challenges of COVID and the recent national epidemic of police brutality, some have decided that relocating abroad is the best move. Whether you’re simply planning your next vacay or looking to make a major life change, take a nod from other experienced travel lovers. That’s the beauty of the Black female travel tribe.

(Oh, and this list is neither to discourage nor overly encourage visiting any city or country, but to offer a diverse perspective to help you make your own sound decisions for what’s best for you during your travel journey.)

CHARMAINE RADWAY, Regulatory Specialist, Florida

Charm Travelz blog3 Black Women Travelers Share Their Best And Worst Travel Experiences

Along with her day job, Charmaine hosts her own podcast, Kulcha Shock Abroad, and serves as director of Yawd Cards, a fun game that pays homage to her Jamaican heritage. She’s been to 30 countries including Costa Rica, Cuba, and Belgium. “Visit everywhere with an open mind,” she urges. “Someone else may have a terrible experience and hate a country or city. You may go and have the time of your life!”